G. Lalo

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"Originating in Paris in 1919, G. Lalo quickly rose to be de rigueur for social stationery in Paris and in the royal courts across Europe. Throughout the years, the elegance and quality of G. Lalo stationery lends it to be the first choice when pleasure or etiquette require the best in matters of correspondence, invitation, or simply, writing.  


G. Lalo, the Parisian social stationery manufacturer since 1919, became throughout the years the stationery of reference both in Paris' high society and in the royal courts of Europe such as Sweden, Holland, Monaco, and Belgium. Today, G. Lalo continues its tradition of handcrafted quality and elegance but expressed with the colors and excitement of the 21st century. Luxurious G. Lalo stationery is the perfect canvas for expressing your sentiments in a memorable way."