If you have lived in New Orleans for any time, chances are you've received an invitation that was created by Betty Hunley. What started out as simple doodles and drawings from a talented teen, has grown into a business that has lasted over 35 years. Betty began drawing invitations throughout high school and college and developed what has become her custom signature.

After getting married to her husband Patrick in 1980, Betty began working out of her home while raising her two children, Elizabeth-Anne and Patrick, Jr. In 1984, she opened Betty Hunley Designs. Since then her business has grown as she has maintained a consistent professional relationship with her clientele. She is now designing for people all over the country.

From the minute you walk into the traditional New Orleans cottage that serves as the design studio and retail storefront for Betty Hunley Designs, one thing is quite evident...you are with people that absolutely love what they do! Their outrageous sense of humor and spontaneous creativity is infused in everything that they do. This atmosphere allows Betty, Christina and Maggie to create one of a kind, custom invitations, stationery, napkins, cups, and so much more! Let us know what we can do to help you "get your party started!"